The City of Coquitlam is committed to sustainable modes of transportation and more than 109 kilometres of bike routes have now been completed. New cycling routes are provided in accordance with our Strategic Transportation Plan and routes are implemented pending Council’s approval of the annual capital budget. 

Bike Route Information Guide

Please refer to the Coquitlam’s Bike Route Information Guide (PDF) for more information on various types of bike facilities, cycling signs/markings and safe cycling tips. Free printed copies are also available at City facilities.

Tri-Cities Cycling Map

The Tri-Cities Cycling Map (PDF) is your go-to resource for local bike routes and connections. It also provides useful information involving bike lockers at SkyTrain stations plus the newly installed bike maintenance stations. Pick up your free printed version of the map at Coquitlam City Hall, recreation facilities and Coquitlam Public Library branches.

Did you know you can bring your bicycles onto buses and SkyTrain? Even if you work a long way from home, you have the option of completing a portion of your trip by bicycle. More information is available in the Tri-Cities Cycling Map, or visit TransLink’s cycling page.


Greenways are linear public corridors for pedestrians and cyclists that connect activity centres throughout the City.

Greenways are split into citywide and neighbourhood designations:

  • citywide greenways are long, continuous routes that connect major destinations throughout the City. They are comparable to arterial streets for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • neighbourhood greenways are shorter and provide connections to local destinations.  They are comparable to local streets for pedestrians and cyclists.

As industry practice shifts towards accommodating cyclists of all ages and abilities, we are transitioning to facilities that are physically separated from vehicle traffic.  

Most greenways will include multi-use pathways (MUPs) with boulevards, pedestrian-scaled lighting, and landscaping treatments depending on available right-of-way.  In more urban settings, we may need to provide more separation between pedestrian, bicycle, and other modes of active transportation.

Bike Maintenance Stations

Coquitlam has installed public bike repair stations at the Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex, and City Centre Aquatic Complex as part of its ongoing efforts to encourage cycling and be a bike-friendly community.


The maintenance stations feature:

  • Adjustable arms for elevating bikes
  • Air pumps
  • Tools needed for basic bike repairs and maintenance, from changing a flat to adjusting brakes and derailleurs including:
    • An array of wrenches (Allen, headset, pedal and box)
    • Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers
    • Tire levers

Issues at Shops

If you encounter a problem with one of the maintenance stations please call Facilities Customer Service at 604-927-6300.

Off Road Cycling

For information on off-road cycling amenities in Coquitlam, see our list of parks with off-road cycling.