Sign Permits

Anyone intending to place a sign on the exterior of any building or structure, or on any property in the City, must make an application and obtain approval from the Planning and Development Department for a Sign Permit, prior to installation. The majority of new exterior signs or sign alterations require a permit to be issued prior to installation. This requirement applies to both permanent and time-limited signs. If you are unsure whether your proposed sign requires a permit, please email Sign Permits or call 604-927-3430

Applications for sign permits are reviewed for compliance with the City’s Sign Bylaw:

Relaxed Sign Rules to Support Businesses During COVID-19

Coquitlam has temporarily relaxed its sign regulations to help businesses more easily publicize key information related to the pandemic.

The temporary exemptions will mean businesses do not need to apply for a sign permit, pay fees or adhere to limits on the sign area (excluding sandwich board signs), time period and number of temporary signs that provide pandemic-related information such as:

  • Hours of operation, closures and reopenings;
  • Directional information to ensure physical distancing;
  • Best practices to limit the spread of COVID-19, such as use of masks;
  • Changes of services or inventory; and
  • Phone numbers and website addresses.

The temporary signs may not be used to advertise products, services or pricing, and businesses are expected to keep the signs organized, maintained in a professional manner and installed safely. 

Sandwich boards must remain on the business property and are not permitted on sidewalks or other public rights-of-way unless approved through a formal sign application.

The temporary exemptions will be revisited at the end of 2021.

Comprehensive Sign Plans

A Comprehensive Sign Plan may pertain to a lot where there are multiple tenancies, such as a shopping centre, or where there are joint sign applications for adjoining lots on one side of a street. Under a Comprehensive Sign Plan, a Sign Coordinator is appointed in writing by the owner of the lots, and/or businesses involved with the Comprehensive Sign Plan. The Sign Coordinator has jurisdiction over and approves the proposed signs. The Sign Coordinator’s Approval Form should be submitted along with a Sign Permit application.