Temporary Use Permits

A Temporary Use Permit allows a use of land, on a temporary basis, not otherwise permitted in the City’s Zoning Bylaw. Temporary use permits may be issued for a period up to three years from the date the permit was approved by Council. Temporary use permits may be renewed once, subject to Council approval.

Subject to Council approval, Temporary Use Permits are permitted in the City on properties within an:

  • Agricultural and resource zone (A-3 zone) outside of the Agricultural Land Reserve
  • Any commercial zone (C) zone
  • Comprehensive development (CD) zone
  • Industrial (M) zone
  • Service commercial (CS) zone
  • Service station (SS) zone

Conditions under which a temporary use may be allowed are established in the permit, including the site design and layout, and length of time the temporary use can occur. Security deposits and letters of undertaking may also be required to ensure conditions are met.


Temporary Use Permit applications are reviewed relative to certain criteria as outlined in the City’s Zoning Bylaw, these include:

  • If the temporary use will operate at an intensity of use suitable to the surrounding area
  • If the temporary use will be compatible with regard to use, design, and operation with other surrounding land uses
  • That the temporary use will operate on a temporary basis only and includes plans, or a letter of undertaking to terminate the use and restore the site by the expiry date of the permit


Development Application Signs

All Applicants pursuing Development Applications are required to install a development proposal sign on the development site. For more information please visit Development Application Signs.