Filming in the City of Coquitlam: Phase 3 of BC’s Restart Plan

Motion picture and television production will begin filming again with the Province of BC’s June 24, 2020, announcement of Phase 3 of BC's Restart Plan. Film production companies are required to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan that meets WorkSafeBC motion picture industry protocols and the Provincial Health Officer orders. The City of Coquitlam requires a COVID-19 WorkSafeBC Safety Plan while filming on civic property. Some locations may require additional signage. Please email the Film Office for more information.

Coquitlam: A Great Place to Film

With its diverse and friendly neighbourhoods, natural splendour and close proximity to downtown Vancouver, Coquitlam is "picture-perfect" for filmmakers. In addition, Coquitlam’s dedicated friendly "one-stop" permitting process provides convenient services to the filming community. For further information on Coquitlam’s Film Sector, review the Film Sector Fact Sheet (PDF).

2017 to 2022 Coquitlam Film Strategy

Coquitlam’s 2017 to 2022 Film Strategy (PDF) provides the guidance needed to effectively manage and build Coquitlam’s Film Program. The Strategy provides the direction needed to enhance the economic impact of Coquitlam’s film sector by developing processes and programs that promote Coquitlam as an attractive destination for film production activities.

Three Easy Steps to Filming in Coquitlam

One contact covers all services including coordination, licenses and fees, and assistance provided by related agencies.

  1. Contact the Coquitlam Film Office by phone at 604-927-3548 or email the Office.
  2. Complete an Application to Film and submit to the Coquitlam Film Office.
  3. Coquitlam’s "one-stop" service will take care of the necessary arrangements, including business licences.

Filming Fees

The Filming Fee Schedule (PDF) outlines our rates for specific items. The following fees are required for filming in Coquitlam, including Metro Vancouver, provincial, and private properties:

  • $5,000 deposit - Not required for səmiq̓wəʔelə (Riverview Lands) or private property
  • Proof of Liability Insurance - Minimum 5 million, naming the City of Coquitlam as the additional insured
  • Business License - $164 (Goods and Services Tax included) - Payment must be processed through the Film Office
  • Completed Application to Film - $225 (plus Goods and Services Tax)

Additional Service Applications

Payment Information

Please remit all payments in person to Revenue Services / Cashier, located on the main floor of City Hall at 3000 Guildford Way, during business hours of Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

Student Filming

The City is committed to encouraging and supporting the growth of the British Columbia and Canadian film industry; therefore, there are no fees involved in the filming process for students. For further information on student filming in Coquitlam, refer to the Student Filming Guidelines (PDF) and complete the Student Application to Film (PDF).

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