Film Locations

Coquitlam’s green spaces, heritage buildings and facilities have played host to many memorable movie moments. Our diverse landscape, in-demand facilities and easy access to downtown Vancouver offer a blockbuster combination. 

Benefits of filming here include: 

  • One-Stop dedicated Film Office 
  • Readily available workforce with film sector experience
  • Film-friendly culture and community
  • Natural beauty and landscape of parks and greenspaces 
  • 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver
  • Diverse locations
  • Home to Sim North Bend Studios
  • Lush green forests in temperate climate, ideal for filming year-round

Top Film Locations

Choose from a diverse menu of film locations ranging from modern urban developments, a downtown core and industrial landscapes, through lush green parks and forests, to an authentic French heritage neighbourhood. 

Here are a few of the industry’s most popular choices.

Parks and Forests

If you’re scouting for a forest, lake or mountain location, Coquitlam’s parks and green spaces are ideal, with easy access for crews and equipment. 

Some options include the award-winning Town Centre Park, Lafarge Lake and Upper Coquitlam River Park. If you’re interested in Mundy Park, please contact the Film Office to inquire about restrictions. 

Widgeon Marsh Regional Park Reserve, Minnekhada Regional Park (beside Pitt River) and ƛ̓éxətəm Regional Park (formerly Colony Farm) are also hot spots, and managed by Metro Vancouver.

Please consult the Film Office prior to scouting so we can help you make the most of your time.

səmiq̓ʷəʔelə (Riverview Lands)

Riverview Hospital on the səmiq̓wəʔelə (Riverview Lands) is the most-filmed location in Canada. Many blockbuster movies, TV movies, TV series, commercials and features have been filmed there including Deadpool 2, Elysium, Planet of the Apes, Supernatural and Riverdale

The Lands include 346 landscaped acres and the complex’s buildings can double as hospitals, police stations or other institutional settings. BC Housing operates the səmiq̓wəʔelə (Riverview Lands) and is responsible for all site access for filming and photography. Visit Riverview Filming Opportunities for information.


These quarries have provided backdrops to many explosive movie scenes over the years. The rural rock quarries offer extreme variation in landscapes and are a short distance from downtown Coquitlam. If you plan to film in these areas, consult the Film Office for further information.

Top-Notch City Facilities 

From our outdoor pools to indoor recreation facilities, libraries and other amenities, your search for the perfect location ends here. 

French Heritage Buildings

Once a thriving mill town nestled along the Fraser River, Maillardville is Coquitlam’s most historic neighbourhood. You’ll find homes from the early 1900s including heritage buildings such as Mackin House Museum, Place des Arts, Ryan House and Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic church.

We’re Here to Help

From industrial areas to Hoy Creek or outdoor pools, Coquitlam can offer your production a variety of options. Please contact our Film Office before you begin scouting. For contact information about filming at schools or Metro Vancouver Parks, visit our Filming Resources page. 

About Filming in B.C.

B.C. is known for its spectacular locations that can replicate virtually any setting in the world. Whether it’s beaches, rainforest, snowy mountain peaks or busy urban streets, you’ll find it here. 

Our experienced and stable labour force and competitive tax incentives provide incomparable value for the producer’s dollar. 

In addition, our mild climate makes it suitable for year-round filming – and our location on Canada’s West Coast places us in the same time zone as California studios.

Visit Creative BC for more information about B.C.’s motion picture industry and to see what’s in production.