Town Centre Park

Work and upgrades in Town Centre Park are guided by the Town Centre Park Master Plan. This document provides a practical community based vision and guiding principles, illustrative conceptual plans for future improvements and a phased construction strategy to implement developments to park over the next 15 to 20 years.

  1. Festival Lawn Improvements
  2. Lake Loop Improvements
  3. South Washrooms
  4. East Washrooms


City Centre

Latest News

The upgraded festival hub – along with its proximity to transit and stunning views of Lafarge Lake – leaves Town Centre Park well positioned to once again host major local and regional events in the future.

The project was complete in December 2020 and the festival lawn and new washroom building are open to the public.

Improvements include: 

  • A 650-square-metre (7,000-square-foot) plaza with concrete paving, a harvest picnic table, a large curved bench, fixed umbrellas for shade, lighting, and movable tables and chairs;   
  • A 190-square-metre (2,050 square-foot) washroom and servery building along the edge of the plaza, with men’s and women’s washrooms (three stalls each), two universal washrooms, and space and servicing for a future concession lease;
  • An upgraded festival lawn with better sightlines to the stage, which will facilitate large civic events through improved drainage and irrigation systems, enhanced planting beds, and over 55 new shade trees;
  • Upgraded pathways to improve circulation, and new lighting along main paths; and
  • A localized power supply to support future event growth.