Southwest Housing Review

A scope and process for the Southwest Housing Review (SWHR) was approved by Council on June 22, 2020. The SWHR supports more affordable housing options in Southwest Coquitlam through a comprehensive multi-year planning effort with four work streams:

  • Examining neighbourhood pockets where residents have come forward requesting a review of Southwest Coquitlam Area Plan (SWCAP) land-use designation of their neighbourhood
  • Developing a Corridor Development Strategy (CDS) for key arterial streets
  • Exploring the potential expansion of the recently updated Housing Choices Program into other areas of Southwest Coquitlam
  • Reviewing infill housing options in single-family areas to further address the policy directions in the SWCAP

Southwest Housing Review Timeline

Phase 1 - 2020 (complete)

Phase 2 – 2021/2022 (complete)

Future Phases

  • Corridor Development Strategy
  • Housing Choices & Detached Housing Alternatives

Each phase will include opportunities for public input. Those opportunities will be posted to the Southwest Housing Review public engagement page

Additional Information

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