Temporary Encroachment for Residents / Businesses

Temporary Encroachment Permits - Residential Use Only

In accordance with the "Encroachments into City Owned and/or Controlled Lands" policy, the General Manager of Engineering and Public Works or Delegate may grant a permit for residents to place a construction waste bin or storage container on City controlled lands.

Guidelines for Placement of Residential Refuse Container/Moving Container Conditions/POD (“Container”)

  1. Residents should utilize private property for the placement of the Containers and bins (i.e. driveway)
  2. If resident is requesting placement of a Container within City property, then an application for a permit must be made by completing the appropriate application form and submitting the form along with accompanying documentation. (i.e. drawing indicating proposed location of Container) for review.
  3. Application must be submitted at least 5 business days prior to commencement of the permit.
  4. The permit will not be transferrable and must be displayed on the Container.
  5. The Container company name and contact information must be clearly identified on the Container.
  6. Red / white reflective tape (no less than 4 inches wide by 24 inches long) must be placed on each side of the Container. If taping is not possible, a minimum of four 18-inch (minimum height) reflective tubes or cones must be placed on the road side of the Container, and remain in place at all times.
  7. Container must be maintained in a safe, clean and well-maintained condition at all times.
  8. The Container Company must provide a copy of the insurance on the Container with the City of Coquitlam named as an additional insured.
  9. Insurance Requirements - must maintain third party liability insurance coverage with
  10. An insurance company licensed to operate in British Columbia
    1. A minimum per occurrence coverage of $5 million
    2. The City as additional insured
    3. A 30-day cancellation provision that requires prior notice be given by the insurer to the City
  11. Placement of the Container - will not be permitted:
    1. On any major or minor arterial roads
    2. Within 5 meters of a fire hydrant or within a Fire Zone
    3. In front of or within 3 metres of either side of a driveway, private road or sidewalk crossing
    4. Within 15 meters of an intersection
    5. Within 6 meters of a lane
    6. On a manhole, catch basin, or any underground utility
    7. In the bulb of a cul-de-sac
    8. On a portion of the road with ’no parking signs’ or ’no stopping signs
    9. On a cycle path or sidewalk
    10. On a street so that the container obstructs or impedes a marked travel lane unless the appropriate lane closure permit is obtained and that the lane is closed with advance warning signage and traffic control devices in accordance with the Ministry of Transportation Traffic Control Manual for Work on Roadways