Temporary Encroachment for Developers / Contractor

Encroachment Agreement for Encroachments into City Owned or Controlled Land by Developers

On July 29, 2013, Council adopted a new policy called "Encroachments into City Owned and/or Controlled Lands" which gave the General Manager of Engineering and Public Works or his designate the authority to enter into an Encroachment Agreement for encroachments into City owned or controlled roads, sidewalk, boulevards, etc.

Developers may apply for a temporary encroachment to use City lands for placement of a construction trailer, site office, shoring, construction bin, construction fence, etc. Each application is reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis. To apply for a temporary encroachment, fill out the ’Application for Temporary Encroachment’ and email the completed application to the Engineering and Public Works Department to the email address noted on the form. The temporary encroachment will be reviewed; and if found acceptable, the City will enter into a Temporary Encroachment Agreement with the applicant. This agreement will be emailed to the applicant for review and signature. Proof of appropriate insurance naming the City as additional insurance will be required when the Temporary Encroachment Agreement is signed by both parties.

The fees for the temporary encroachment vary depending on the square footage of the encroachment and the assessed value of the land per square footage as well as nature of the encroachment and how invasive the encroachment is. The applicant may also be required to pay a $75 application fee. GST will be added to all fees.