Town Hall Meeting

What Happens at a Town Hall?

There is no set agenda at a Town Hall meeting - these more informal meetings provide community members an opportunity to voice their opinions, suggest new ideas, and ask questions of Council. Senior City staff are also in attendance to respond to inquiries. 

The feedback provided at these sessions provides Council and staff important information about City services, changes taking place in the community and future opportunities. 

How to Participate

The Virtual Town Hall was held on April 29, 2021. An archived version of the meeting, and the Minutes of the meeting, can be found here in the Available Archives section. 

Creating a Respectful Conversation

Questions will be moderated. That means that they are reviewed before they are submitted to Council to make sure they adhere to City guidelines. Both in-person and submitted questions and conversations must adhere to these rules to create a respectful conversation.

Comments that include any of the following will not be posted:

  • Racist, sexist and offensive language
  • Personal attacks and defamatory statements
  • Violating someone’s privacy
  • Threats or suggesting committing a criminal act
  • Posting your message in all CAPS (this makes it difficult to read and in online speak is considered yelling)

If you violate any of these rules, then your comment will be immediately removed from consideration and will not be forwarded to Council for response.

Public Record

Please be advised that by submitting a question or suggestion, the information you provide will become part of the public record. The information collected and used is done so in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

For further information please call the City Clerks Office at 604-927-3010 or email the City Clerk.


To ensure that everyone has access to the responses provided to questions submitted online, answers will be provided by Council or staff via the live broadcast.