Special Events Application

Due to COVID-19, the City of Coquitlam has cancelled all community events and rentals until further notice. If you have immediate inquiries please connect with us at festivalsandevents@coquitlam.ca

Visit Hosting Festival & Special Events for more information.

Deadlines: Special Event Application

  • Less than 500 attendees, applications must be submitted at least 3 months prior to the event
  • More than 500 attendees, applications must be submitted at least 6 months prior to the event

Depending on the nature of the event, additional fees may apply including but not limited to liquor service, event support services, business license, food truck inspections or road closure fees.  The following flat rates shall apply for the use of general park areas, sports fields, and Town Centre Park Plaza for each non-sport event, activity or program, excluding Percy Perry Stadium.

The damage deposit will be added. These fees are effective April 1, 2022.  

Park Rentals

Park Rental AttendeesCommunityPrivateCommercial
Less Than 500 Attendees$132$267$400
500 to 999 Attendees$177$360$538
More Than 1,000 Attendees$360$718$1,076

Town Centre Park Plaza

Less Than 500 Attendees


500 to 999 Attendees


1,000 or More Attendees



  • Commercial: Any individual, company or organization engaged in the pursuit of business for profit through the use of Parks, Recreation and Cultural facilities.
  • Community Organization: A Coquitlam based non-profit, non-restricted membership group or organization whose activities are consistent with the goals, objectives and standards of the City. Religious groups, union meetings and political meetings shall be charged fees on the basis of the Community Organization rate.
  • Private: Any individual or organization which does not meet the requirements of the "Community Organization" or "Commercial" definition.

For more information, email the Special Events Office or call 604-927-6968.