Driveway Access Permit

Driveway access means the area between the roadway or street and required parking spaces which provide an approach to the parking spots. All property owners who wish to install or modify an existing driveway access, which is not part of a subdivision or development servicing process, must complete an Access Permit Application (PDF).

  • There is no fee for submitting a access permit application.
  • The Access Permit Application process allows property owners to apply to construct a new or modify an existing driveway access so residents can park on their own property.
  • Please read this Residential Driveway Installation (PDF) brochure for more details.

Relevant Bylaw Excerpt

City of Coquitlam - Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw Number 3558, 2003 Part 6 - Sidewalks, Crossings, Trails and Walkways 6.03 Driveway Crossings

All subdivision and development plans shall specify proposed and existing driveway crossing locations. Driveways for development shall be required to connect to an on-site parking structure or pad as indicated on the approved development plans. Driveway crossings of boulevards for residential lots shall be a minimum 4.5m but may be increased to a maximum 6.0m at the approval of the Manager. Boulevard crossings shall be flared 1.2m between the sidewalk and curb and maintain maximum two percent sidewalk cross-fall across the driveway width.

No driveways will be permitted from Arterial Streets where access is feasible from lanes or from other streets except for corner service stations with driveway access to both intersecting streets or otherwise at the discretion of the Manager. Access shall generally be taken from the lowest hierarchy street (i.e. local before collector, etc.) unless otherwise approved by the Manager.

Driveway crossings for commercial, industrial and institutional properties will be installed as a condition of building permit only and shall be a maximum width of 11.0m unless otherwise permitted by the Manager.

Driveway crossings for corner lots shall be located a minimum of 10m from the general alignment of the curb of the intersecting road.

Driveway profiles shall not be steeper than 20% at any point. Specification of maximum and minimum carport elevations may be required for lots in steep areas. Profiles should be designed to provide unrestricted access.