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Waste Collection During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Garbage and green waste collection services are operating normally at this time; however, for the safety of our contractors’ workers, Coquitlam residents are asked to continue separating their waste properly, including using the Recycle BC receptacles for recycling materials. All garbage and organic materials must be put in their designated carts.

NOTE: If you or a member of your household is sick, double-bag items such as tissues, wipes, gloves, and masks and place in your Garbage Cart.​

For more details about waste collection and management during COVID-19, visit

2020 - 2021 Curbside Collection Calendar

Download the July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021 Collection Calendar. Residents who receive the City’s curbside collection service will be mailed a copy of this calendar in June 2020. If you do not receive your copy by July 1, 2020 and would like one mailed to you, please call 604-927-3500.

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Missed Collection?

Garbage and Green Carts

Waste Connections of Canada


GFL Environmental (formerly Smithrite)


Separation Guidelines

Separate your waste into one of the following streams:

  • Green Cart: Food scraps, food-soiled paper and yard trimmings.
  • Recycling: Paper, cardboard, plastic containers, metal containers, and glass containers.
  • Garbage Cart: Waste that can’t be composted or recycled.

Set-out Guidelines

On collection day:

  • Do not place your cart out the night before collection. Doing so may result in a $500 fine.
  • If you live in an AM collection zone, place the garbage and green carts out anytime between 5:30am – 7:30am. Place recycling out anytime between 5:30am – 7am.
  • If you live in an PM collection zone, place the garbage and green carts out anytime between 5:30am – 11am. Place recycling out anytime between 5:30am – 10am.
  • Unclip the wildlife-resistant clips on the green cart.
  • Set carts so they face out towards the street, with the cart wheels placed against the curb or edge of the road.
  • Place carts 1 metre apart from each other or blue boxes, 1.5 metres away from any cars, and with 3 metres of open space above the closed lid.
  • Green carts and recycling are collected weekly. Garbage carts are collected every 2 weeks.

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