Donations & Gifting

The City of Coquitlam offers a variety of opportunities for citizens to participate in the enhancement of community spaces and programs through the gifting of park amenities, financial donations, or other gifts.

Park Amenity Program

Contributions to Coquitlam’s gifting program serve to enhance the beauty and enjoyment of the City’s parks and green spaces. Any interested citizen, community group, business or visitor can donate a park amenity.

Types of Donations & Gifts

Look through the Parks Amenity Donation Catalogue (PDF) to see what there is to choose from. You can donate a new amenity, adopt an existing park bench or renew or replace a previously donated amenities. Celebrate friends, family and important events with:

  • chair or games table
  • inscribed bronze plaque on a park bench
  • picnic table
  • specimen tree

Also consider a legacy amenity such as:

  • outdoor exercise equipment
  • picnic shelter
  • sport court

Official Tax Receipts

Official tax receipts will be provided to donors of new donations, adopted benches, and amenity donation renewals and replacements. Please see the application form (PDF) for the terms and conditions.

How to Donate an Amenity

  1. Choose the amenity from the Parks Amenity Donation Catalogue (PDF).
  2. Complete a Park Donation Application Form (PDF)then:
    • Email Park Spark
    • Mail to:
      Park Spark Donation Program
      City of Coquitlam
      3000 Guildford Way
      Coquitlam, BC, V3B 7N2
  3.  The application will be reviewed and accepted by City staff.
  4. Parks staff will forward a proof of your donation plaque for your approval.

Amenity Plaques / Tributes

Donated park amenities are intended to enhance the use and enjoyment of all City park visitors. Donors are encouraged to choose plaque wording that is respectful and positive in tone. Donated amenities cannot be embellished with wreaths or other items which may discourage public use.


Pay tribute to a family member or friend, or celebrate an important event with a favourite quotation, inspiring message or simple statement of admiration:

  • Celebrating the Birth of Janet Doe
  • Congratulations John Smith on Your Graduation
  • Dedicated to Jane Doe
  • Jane Doe - An Inspiration to Everyone Who knew Her
  • Jane Doe - Laugh and Play Every Day
  • John and Jane Smith - Celebrating 30 Wonderful Years Together
  • John Smith - Always a Great Friend
  • Thank you John Smith!
  • Way to Go [Team Name] 2015 Champions!

Donations of Artwork or Other Gifts

While offers of gifts are appreciated, City facilities have limited space for storage or display. Any item accepted by the City must be compatible with the City’s goals and be appropriate for a public space. Please contact Parks Customer Service for more information. 

Financial Donation Program

If you would like to make a financial donation to the City to support a specific City program or project or for general community benefit, please contact Parks Customer Service so we can work with you to facilitate your contribution in the best possible manner.

Donations are given to the City unconditionally and voluntarily. For reciprocal business agreements, please see the Coquitlam Corporate Partners webpage for all the opportunities. View our Donation Policy (PDF).

Renew or Replace Donated Amenities

Most amenities have a donation term of ten years. You may choose to continue the donation through renewal or replacement, or you may decide to end the donation. Nearing the end of the ten-year term, please contact Parks Customer Service to discuss next steps. If you know you do want to continue your donation, you can simply complete the Park Amenity Donation Application Form (PDF).

Tree donations are for the life of the tree with a ten year guarantee.