Building & Construction Guides

  1. Accessible Washroom Designs Guide (PDF)
  2. Accessory Detached Buildings Guide (PDF)
  3. Additions and House Raises Guide (PDF)
  4. Additions to Single Family and Two Family Dwellings Guide (PDF)
  5. Aged Buildings (30 Years or Older) – Renovations, Additions, Restorations Guide (PDF)
  6. Alternative Solutions Guide (PDF)
  7. Board of Variance Guide (PDF)
  8. Building Permit Application Requirements - Major Projects Brochure (PDF)
  9. Building Permit Application Requirements - Minor Projects Brochure (PDF)
  10. Building Permits and Inspections Brochure (PDF)
  11. CAN CSA A-227 Permit Submission Requirements for New Commercial and Industrial Buildings Guide (PDF)
  12. Cannabis Production and Processing Guide (PDF)
  13. Child Care Facility Requirements (PDF)
  14. Combustible / Non-Combustible Waste Arms Guide (PDF)
  15. Commercial Cooking Exhaust Systems Guide (PDF)
  16. Common Missed Items in New Single Family - Two Family Dwelling Building Permit Applications Guide (PDF)
  17. Decommissioning In-Ground Concrete Pools (PDF)
  18. Demolition Permit Brochure (PDF)
  19. Domestic Water Shut-Off and Secondary Suites Guide (PDF)
  20. Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Requirements Guide (PDF)
  21. Energy Step Code Building Permit Application and Inspection Requirements Guide (PDF)
  22. Environmental Loads for Use with the British Columbia Building Code Guide (PDF)
  23. Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) at Residential Building Construction Sites (PDF)
  24. Fence Heights and Landscape Screens (PDF)
  25. Fire Alarm Equipment Replacement Guide (PDF)
  26. Frontage Works Program Brochure (PDF)
  27. Good Neighbour Development Policy (PDF)
  28. Inspections to be Scheduled Prior to Concealing Any Works Guide (PDF)
  29. Interior Finishings for Single Family and Two Family Dwellings Guide (PDF)
  30. Management and Maintenance of Construction Sites Guide (PDF)
  31. Mezzanine Structures Guide (PDF)
  32. Mobile Home Guide (PDF)
  33. New Single Family and Two Family Dwellings Guide (PDF)
  34. Noise Bylaw - Construction
  35. Occupant Load Changes for Liquor Establishments Guide (PDF)
  36. Occupant Load Verification Guide (PDF)
  37. Parkade Drainage Systems Guide (PDF)
  38. Placement of Mechanical Equipment Guide (PDF)
  39. Racking Guide (PDF)
  40. Residential Group Homes Guide (PDF)
  41. Riparian Areas Protection Regulation Summary Guide (PDF)
  42. Roof Drainage Systems for Single Family Dwellings and Detached Accessory Buildings Guide (PDF)
  43. School Portable Buildings Guide (PDF)
  44. Secondary Suite Brochure (PDF)
  45. Spray Booth Installations Guide (PDF)
  46. Starting a Business Brochure (PDF)
  47. Steep Slopes & Retaining Walls (PDF)
  48. Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs (PDF)
  49. Temporary Buildings and Structures Guide (PDF)
  50. Tenant Improvements - Fast Tracks Guide (PDF)
  51. Tenant Improvements Guide (PDF)
  52. Tree Management Information (PDF)
  53. Vacant Buildings (PDF)
  54. Watercourse Protection Development Permit Application Guide (PDF)