Green Development Guide

Green Development practices are solutions to environmental challenges. The Green Development Guide (PDF) provides an explanation of green development topics, and highlights green development practices which can be applicable to development conditions within Coquitlam. It can be used to facilitate discussions regarding sustainable development and as a potential resource for development projects.


The Green Development Guide discusses five key topics:

  1. Green Building (including renewable energy)
  2. Green Infrastructure (stormwater management and district energy)
  3. Natural Infrastructure (open space networks, naturescaping)
  4. Sustainable Transportation (street design, transit-oriented development)
  5. Sustainable Neighbourhoods (design principles, rating systems)

Each topic has background material on the basic elements, benefits, and challenges of each subject. They also have a series of case studies related to that particular topic.

The "Further Resources" section at the end of the Green Development Guide (PDF) provides additional information related to each topic.