Why is the City reviewing Commercial Zoning?

While existing commercial regulations are working well for many businesses, changing commercial needs and preferences present an opportunity to review the Zoning Bylaw for possible improvements.

The Review covers the Commercial, Service Commercial and Service Station zones, as well as other relevant regulations and definitions in the Zoning Bylaw. The Review does not cover industrial zones, parking and loading requirements, signage, business licensing costs and procedures, or commercial taxation rates.

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1. What parts of the city are covered by the review?
2. What sort of changes are you going to make?
3. What kinds of businesses are included in the review?
4. Are you going to make any new commercial areas?
5. Will the review make new regulations for non-medical (recreational) cannabis?
6. I own a commercial property or business. Are my property taxes going to go up?
7. What kind of impact is the Commercial Zones Review going to have on my business?
8. I heard the City is already studying office uses in the City Centre. How does the Commercial Zones Review relate to that?
9. What else can the City do to help my business?
10. Why is the City reviewing Commercial Zoning?