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1. Who is eligible to apply?
2. Who is not eligible to apply?
3. What documents do you need to apply?
4. What Government/Income Assistance documents can you submit?
5. If I receive Old Age Security (OAS), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), or Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits, what do I submit?
6. What is an example of an Agency that could verify a Financial Assistance application?
7. How do you use the Low Income Cut-off table (LICO) if you are not receiving government assistance?
8. What is Total Family Income?
9. How do I use Income Statement for proof of income?
10. How do I apply without an Agency contact?
11. What is an adjudicator?
12. How soon will my/our application(s) be approved?
13. How do I get my 50 free drop-ins pass?
14. How do I contact Community Services staff if I have any questions?
15. How can I check to see the status of my application?
16. What can I do with my 50 free drop-ins and $225 credit?
17. Do you allow program withdrawal and do they get their credit refunded?
18. If I withdraw from a program, where does the credit go?
19. Is there a withdrawal fee of $5 for registered programs using the $225 credit?
20. What happens if I don’t have enough credit left to pay for a program?
21. How do I use my Recreation Credit?
22. How can I register for a program using Recreation Credit?
23. How long is the term for drop-ins and credit?
24. Which drop-in programs is pre-registration required?
25. How do I submit my application?