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1. Where do I find my permit number?
2. Do I need to download special software to use the Inspections system?
3. How many days in advance can an inspection be scheduled or cancelled?
4. What is the cut-off time to schedule an inspection for the following business day?
5. Can I request a morning (a.m.) or afternoon (p.m.) inspection?
6. When I try to schedule an inspection I receive a message, "the inspection is already scheduled." What does this mean?
7. How will I know if my scheduled inspection has been completed by the inspector?
8. What does postponed mean?
9. In what order do I book the inspections for my permit type?
10. When I schedule the inspection and return to View Inspections screen additional inspections preceding my selected inspection are scheduled for the same day. What should I do?
11. I scheduled a drain tile inspection, do I need to schedule a separate plumbing inspection for the Rainwater Leaders (RWL), Sump, Storm, Sanitary, and Water Services?
12. I scheduled a Final Interior Plumbing inspection, do I need to schedule a separate Final Exterior Services plumbing inspection also?
13. The inspection I need to request is not in the list of inspections for my permit type, what should I do?
14. The inspection I need to request indicates the status is closed in the View Inspections screen, what should I do?
15. Can I apply for my building and plumbing permits on the Inspections system?
16. What is the Special Instructions box for on the Schedule Inspections screen?
17. Can I use the building permit number to schedule an interior or exterior plumbing inspections?
18. Can I review the inspection report and deficiencies for my completed inspection on the Inspections system?