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1. I would like to remove a tree on my private property and my property is not undergoing redevelopment. Do I need a permit from the City?
2. I want to remove a tree from my yard but it might be shared between me and my neighbor, what can I do?
3. There is a City tree on the boulevard or greenbelt that drops leaves into my gutters and yard. Can the City please remove this tree?
4. I would like to cut/prune my private property tree so it doesn’t grow too big in the future. Can I do this without a permit?
5. My neighbor’s tree overhangs onto my property. Can I trim back its branches?
6. There is a large tree on my property that really sways in the wind. Is this dangerous?
7. I would like to prune or trim my tree. Who can I hire to perform the work that will ensure my tree stays healthy and beautiful? Will the City prune my trees?
8. My neighbor’s tree seems hazardous and I want something done about it, what are my options?
9. There is a City tree on the boulevard or greenbelt that looks hazardous, dead, or dying. Who should I contact?
10. I believe my tree or a City tree is beginning to die. What are signs that the tree may be in decline and what should I do?
11. My property backs onto a greenbelt/natural area, but it is my property. Can I remove trees if I want to?
12. There is a City boulevard tree fronting my property. Can I water it during the summer? Can I prune it?