How do I use Income Statement for proof of income?

Use the Low Income Cut-offs table to determine if you qualify. 

If you do, then you can get proof of income several ways:

  • Online: Get a proof of income statement right away from the Canada Revenue Services Agency website:
    • Sign into your CRA My Account online
    • Under Related Services, click on Proof of Income Statement (option 'C' print)
  • Order through MyCRA web app
  • By mail: Phone 1-800-267-6999
    • Automated line is always open and a statement will be mailed
    • To verify your identity before you call you’ll need:
      • Social Insurance Number
      • Full name and date of birth
      • Your complete address
      • Line 15000 from your most recent tax assessment
      • This method may take up to 10 days to receive by mail
      • Notice of assessment (NOA), T1 General or T4 statement CANNOT be used to replace this document.
    • You need to submit Income Statements for all adult members of the family who contribute to the household.

Qualifying Income Levels

Low Income Cut-offs (LICO) 2021
Family SizeFamily Income
1 Person$23,696
2 Persons$29,498
3 Persons$36,265
4 Persons$44,031
5 Persons$49,938
6 Persons$56,323
7+ Persons$62,707

Family: One or two adult(s) married or common-law partners and their legal dependents aged 18 and younger

Statistics Canada. Table 11-10-0241-01 Low Income Cut-offs (LICOs) before tax by community size (100,000 to 499,999) and family size, in current dollars.

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