What is the Austin Works Yard Renewal Project?

The Austin Works Yard Renewal project is a critical city initiative to address significant operation constraints that impact the City’s ability to meet current and future servicing needs. The Austin Works Yard Renewal Project includes: a new Fleet Maintenance and Workshop building; expansion of the western portion of the existing Works Yard and associated bulk storage to the north and west; conversion of vacated workshop spaces in the Water Sewer Utility Building to administrative space; and abatement and demolition of the existing Fleet Maintenance and Auxiliary Building to convert into fleet parking and storage.

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1. What is the Austin Works Yard Renewal Project?
2. Is the expansion taking over any portions of Mundy Park?
3. Will trees be removed from Mundy Park for this project?
4. Is there a replacement strategy for any trees being removed?
5. What kind of environmental reviews were done before starting this work?
6. Why do trees need to be removed so soon?
7. Could the City build the Works Yard somewhere else that would not require tree removal?
8. Will there be a Public Hearing on this project?
9. Will there be opportunities for the public to provide input on this project?