What is a Public Hearing?

In accordance with the section 464 of the Local Government Act, a local government must hold a public hearing prior to adopting an official community bylaw, a zoning bylaw, or a bylaw under section 548 (early termination of land use contracts). 

In December 2023, the Provincial Government implemented Bill 44 – 2023 Housing Statues (Residential Development) Amendment Act prohibiting local governments from holding public hearings for:

  • Residential rezoning applications consistent with the Official Community Plan (OCP); 
  • Amendments to the Zoning Bylaw that facilitate small scale multiple unit housing; and
  • Mixed-use projects that are consistent with the OCP, where at least half of the proposed gross floor area is residential.

Public Hearings are chaired by the Mayor or Acting Mayor and held to provide the public with an opportunity to convey their views on proposed land use amendments.

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