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1. Why did you switch to a new registration system?
2. Will I need to create an account?
3. How can I get an online login?
4. Where do I login?
5. I have a login but forgot my password?
6. Is my personal information secure?
7. Do I need to have an account to search for programs or view availability?
8. I want to register online but don't want to give my email address, what do I do?
9. What if I don't want to provide an email address?
10. I don't want to register online; can I just register in person or over the phone?
11. Can I manage my own information in this system?
12. If the program is full, how do I add myself to the waitlist?
13. How do I know when I’ve successfully registered for a program?
14. How can I view my schedule?
15. Can I withdraw from a course online?
16. How can I see the credit on my account?
17. How can I remove someone from my account?
18. Can I use a Coquitlam Parks, Recreation and Culture gift card online?
19. I have previously held an account with the City of Coquitlam, but I can't login.
20. I have an account, but I can't see the course I registered for.