What can I do to ensure that my application can be processed faster than average?

To ensure that you are able to receive application approval in the shortest amount of time possible, staff recommend the following:  

1)    Prepare your application  

Prior to making an application, ensure that you are familiar with the City’s general procedure for putting together your own Housing Choices application. 

To assist you with this process, staff have developed a seven-step guide (Information for Building a Triplex or Fourplex) that will direct you where to find information, and to highlight various aspects of the development for you to consider. We recommend that you review these City prepared materials thoroughly prior to making your application. 

You will need to hire qualified professionals to assist you with the preparation of your project, and you may want to consider hiring  those who have worked with the City of Coquitlam on similar Housing Choices applications before. You can find a list of current Development Permit applications including the applicant name by visiting out Current Development and Building Permit Applications page. 

2)    Consider using the City’s “Standard Plans” 

One of the greatest contributors to longer processing times is the “back-and-forth” between applicants and staff during the review process. 

To help streamline this process, the City has prepared a variety of free pre-approved architectural and landscaping plans for your use. These “pre-approved” standard plan packages can be used by your hired professionals.  

3)    Consider a pre-application

If you do not want to make use of the City’s Standard Plans, but you would like to have an initial review of your project, consider applying for a Pre-Application to receive a coordinated high-level review from appropriate City departments regarding any major issues determined from preliminary concept plans (e.g., required road dedications, required statutory right-of-ways for city utilities, etc.). Be sure to talk to City staff before submitting a pre-application.  

4)    Follow Staff Recommendations and Meet City / Provincial Requirements

Staff aim to provide responses (through a Review Letter) to applicants within 10-12 weeks of receiving an application and any future resubmissions. This is consistent with other types of development applications received by the City. 

The Review Letter provided at the end of the review cycle for each submission will specify exactly what issues need to be addressed in order to receive Development Permit approval. To reduce the number of review cycles, the applicant should address all the items raised in the Review Letter. If applicants are unsure of how to address an item, staff are happy to meet with applicants and their professionals and help them understand what is required.

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