Planning & Development

The Planning and Development Department is responsible for developing a wide range of land use plans and strategies and for processing applications land use changes, subdivisions, site preparation and development and building permits.

Guided by Council’s vision, staff works with the public, the private sector and other levels of government to ensure that the City’s planning and development reflect the community’s needs and is consistent with local, regional, provincial and federal plans and policies.

Planning for the future needs of the community includes the preparation of plans and policies for shaping urban development and growth. Plans for guiding the growth of Coquitlam incorporate land use concepts and policies, transportation systems, environmental considerations, infrastructure requirements, business and service opportunities, heritage planning and neighbourhood characteristics and amenities. Planning of this scope requires extensive consultation and research.

The City of Coquitlam has a Citywide Official Community Plan that includes policies and plans at a general level for the whole City, as well as individual Area and Neighbourhood plans. By following these plans and policies, Coquitlam can manage growth and change appropriately, so residents and businesses will have the amenities and infrastructure necessary for a safe and desirable community life.

Using these policies and plans as a guide, the Planning and Development Department reviews proposed development applications and advises Council on how and where development projects should proceed along with specific considerations, such as urban design, heritage and environmental protection, and servicing requirements. On subdivision, plumbing and building matters, department staff are responsible for approving applications as well as conducting inspections on new buildings and construction to ensure public safety and consistency and conformance with legislation, City Bylaws and Council policies.

Planning & Development

General Manager - Jim McIntyre
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